Paint your picture pretty, boy.

Apr 22

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So I heard it’s Earth Day


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Apr 20


But no really. I hate allergies.

Apr 19

Anonymous asked: Green, Black

Green-8 facts about appearance:
My face is set on a slight curve and it’s awkward to me
I’m 5’10”
I have hazel colored eyes
I have boney hands
I have brown hair
My hair is getting so freaking long and I love it
I have boney hips
& My left ankle is kind weak

Black-1 fact about the person I like:
He really like millipedes (and I think it’s adorable that he does)

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Invade my privacy. Do it.


Purple: 10 facts about my room

Blue: 9 facts about my family

Green: 8 facts about appearance

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

Orange: 6 facts about my home town

Red: 5 facts about my best friend

Pink: 4 facts about my parents

White: 3 facts about my personality

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

Black: 1 fact about the person I like

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Жибер Алексей


Жибер Алексей

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